OBIGE HOUR OF CODE is an online class designed to be more like a real classroom environment. We emphasize on homeworks, exams, interacting with your instructors, and working with classmates. Most other online-course providers just give you a bunch of videos to watch.

Our courses are divided into three levels and students are promoted per their progress. At the first level, you will be taken through a 4-week course in BCS (Basics in Computer Science) for you to :

1. Understand how computers work from inside out

2. Understand basic concepts of software programming (in HTML & CSS ,Javascript,Java, Python, PHP)

3. To know the fundamentals of databases,Robotics, mobile apps ,Cyber Security,Graphics and Game programming

4. Write basic software programs and applications

After the first level, you choose a course you would like to Master or specialize and the third level helps you to advance your skills.

1. Participant should be at least Age 8 years and above.

2. A Willingness to Learn Coding!.

3. A computer or laptop with Internet is required.

4. No Prior Experience or Knowledge is Needed!.

OBIGE HOUR OF CODE COST GHS 120.00 for the first level which is 4 weeks. 3 Sessions per week.

Second Level cost GHS 200.00 per month for 24 weeks.3 Sessions per week.

Third Level cost GHS 400.00 per month for 24 weeks.3 Sessions per week.